Earn Extra Money in your Spare Time

We never seem to have enough money to take care of all the expenses that arise in our daily lives. What’s even more frustrating: so often the amount of money we’re lacking at a given moment is so little. How often have we seen something we wanted, or realized our need for something only to be short a small amount of money? Credit cards may help…in the short run. But credit cards add quickly up, and while they may permit us to buy something today, we’re only putting off payment until a later date. Paying for an item today is difficult enough, buthow-to-use-the-internet-to-make-money continuing to pay for it long after it’s usefulness is gone, or it has worn out, ah…that’s even harder!

Now and then, perhaps every day, some of us cast about wishing we could earn just a little more money to meet the exigencies that plague us day after day. In the past, matchbook covers and magazine ads constantly promised extra easy money by purchasing their money-making programs, or their money-making book. Today, the Internet rules.

Daily, most of us find our spam folder — and often our regular mail folder as well — stuffed with enticing offers, each promising easy money. While many, perhaps even most of these are outright fraudulent, some may be legitimate, but how can we know? Worse, most of these letters are only an opening gambit that will lead us to spend money before we can earn any. It’s true that some legitimate programs do charge a small fee for registration, but that can be worth paying.

In many cities and towns across the country, boutique talent agencies have sprung up. “What?” we say. “I can’t sing or dance.” Fortunately, we don’t have to. When movies are being filmed in our areas, the producers usually need “extras”. Every time we watch a movie we not only see the stars of the film, but all the other people in the background, people walking on sidewalks, people sitting in restaurants, people in jail cells and so on. Sometimes these scenes require a great number of people. By registering with a local talent agency as an extra, we may be called upon at any time and extras not only receive a decent return for little work, but usually are given lunch as well. Of course, we can’t always choose the day or hours, so it’s important to be flexible.

Many other, less exciting jobs can be found close to home. Some people walk dogs for busy pet owners. Dogs really need exercise and many owners don’t have time to walk them on a regular basis. House cleaning in our neighborhood can be fruitful.

A young man we know earns extra money on a regular basis simply working as a handyman around the neighborhood. He started by going door to door but now, a year of so later, everybody knows him and people call him almost daily for help with a little painting, trash removal, moving furniture about and other chores that he can do much more cheaply than many businesses can.

These days it doesn’t cost a great deal to set up a website. If we’re talented in the kitchen we might offer a recipe book. We can present an attractive book all by ourselves on the computer, or there are companies that will print our book one at a time for a reasonable fee.

If we enjoy writing and think we may have a knack for it, there are Internet sites where busy clients pay to have blogs or ads written for them, and again, this is a little something we can do in our own home at our own pace.How-To-Convert-Your-Ideas-To-What-To-make-money-with-photography

When we begin to think about it, there can be many ways to earn a little extra money without completely disrupting our lives. Let’s put on that thinking cap…and more importantly, let’s start thinking outside the box!

4 Tips on How to Earn More Money Blogging

Whether you have a blog where you journal your daily life, or post content about your favourite hobby, or you love to teach people something and have an informative blog, one thing is certain – you can ALWAYS make more money blogging.

There me is no blogging rule that says that once you reach a certain level of income with your blog, you should be content with that and stick to it.

So, to make much more moolah while blogging about your favourite topics, you need to follow our simple and easy-to-implement strategies and then watch your income soar!

Read on.


  1. Indulge in Guest Posting.

Guest posting is never taken as seriously as it should be. A top quality, well-researched article on a popular blog in your niche can skyrocket your traffic like pretty much nothing else.

Besides earning a great monthly income from all the affiliate sales and pay-per-click sales that you’ll get once you get a load of fresh traffic, you will also be paid directly via the website you post content at.

It is a win-win!

Websites like pay $100 per article and get millions of views every single day. Imagine what a guest post on that site could do for your blog and business.

  1. Give in to Sponsored Posts. 

Many brands pay good money to bloggers who write sponsored posts for them. It is simple – a company selling a baby stroller will ask you to showcase and review their product on your baby blog, and in exchange they will reward you monetarily.

You can join various blogging networks to get more sponsored posts as these can easily become a very lucrative way of earning much more money through your blog.

One Tip – Always honour blogging etiquette by mentioning somewhere that it is a sponsored post. Your readers are a valuable resource, so tread carefully and never push for sales.

  1. make-money-blogging1Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers


Affiliate marketing lets you put banner ads or links in your content and when your visitor clicks on them and makes a purchase, you get paid a certain amount of commission. Many high-end bloggers are earning their complete income from affiliate marketing through blogging. It can be very a rewarding experience, specially if you’re passionate about your niche.

Just create quality, informative content, insert affiliate links tastefully and let your readers do the rest for you.

  1. Turn Your Blog into a Store

  Blog stores are a fun concept if you’re into selling things online. Where you’re selling hot pink throw pillows or e-books, you can set up your store on your blog itself.

Offer sales and discounts to get more attention to your products. You can sell just about anything through your blog. But you have to make sure that you sell only the best quality stuff to have repeat and loyal customers for life.